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Posted on: July 13, 2011 8:29 am

Wk 14: The Few-Stars break

Wk 14:  The Few Stars break

I turned it off... who was ahead, the NL or the DL?  And the Warning Track Derby. Sign Cano's Dad.  Fun to watch the kids knockng each other down to catch a fly ball.  Gold balls?  And a fan almost fell out of the stands - how slow a learner do you have to be?  Ortiz had a good time with his team.  Very nice to see him in another setting than charging the mound.  When Heath Bell sliding into the mound is called "stealing the show", you know there isn't much of a show to steal.  Always a luxury for a manager to use up someone else's pitchers.

The standings reflect what most folks predicted:  2 teams at the top, 1 hanging close, 2 slipping away.  Rays have more arms than bats, Jays the reverse.  

Boston Red Sox      (55-35)
New York Yankees  (53-35)    1
Tampa Bay Rays     (49-41)     6
Toronto Blue Jays    (45-47)   11
Baltimore Orioles     (36-52)   18   

Why the double digit games back?  Pitching:

                               ERA    Slugging
Boston Red Sox      3.92 / .456
New York Yankees   3.46 / .444
Tampa Bay Rays      3.58 / .399
Toronto Blue Jays     4.13 / .420
Baltimore Orioles     4.76 / .401

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