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Posted on: May 14, 2012 11:43 am

Josh opts for Buckett of balls with sore lats

Andy Pettitte rejoined the Yanks staff on Mother's day after 2 years away and pitched as expected - let's see the next few.

Orioles continue to surprise everyone. especially skeptics of their starters.  Stood up against Texas.

Jays hang around;  Rays and Sox rebound but 4-6 over last 10.

Beckett stumbles after the golf stint, fans booing.  Missed start, prefering to play 18 as rehab.  Really?

The season is one quarter along later this week - Will the AL East eat each other's young?

AL East:        Era Starter-Pen,  OPS     GB
Baltimore   (22-13)  3.98 - 2.13,  758
Tampa Bay  (21-14)  3.55 - 4.33,  747    - 1.0
NY Yankees (19-15)  4.78 - 2.70,  808    - 2.5
Toronto         (19-16)  3.40 - 4.45,  713    - 3.0
Boston         (15-19)  5.80 - 3.92,  795    - 6.5

Posted on: April 30, 2012 9:12 am

First Month - AL East is a 5 team race

April 30th

End of April, and the O's and Jay's aren't fading.  The O's are living on starters and a pen (and Buck Showalter), but need some hitting.  The Jay's look weaker all around.

The 3 initial favorites struggle in different ways:  the Rays have won 7 of 8 on their starters - no pen - and hitting 31 points lower with runners in scoring position than overall BA. Once this improves, watch out.

The Yanks have the pen, but must keep slugging to try and outrun no starters. The Red Sox starters are better but suspect along with a pen out of ink, so slugging away has saved them for now.  Dice-K is due back... is that a good thing?  If the O's and Jay's hang in, a tough division limits any one of these five teams total wins.

AL East:      Era Starter-Pen,  OPS

Baltimore  (14-8)  3.71 - 1.88,  742
Tampa Bay  (14-8)  3.44 - 6.17,  775
NY Yankees (12-9)  6.37 - 2.06,  833
Toronto        (12-10)  3.51 - 4.52,  718
Boston         (10-11)  5.19 - 6.34,  797

Posted on: April 21, 2012 10:49 am

Fenway is wicked old

Its two weeks or so into the 2012 baseball season.  By the end of the weekend we'll be 10% along the way to playoffs.  Here's how things stand:

The O's and J's insist they'll compete in the toughest division in the majors and they are, so far.  Both riding ok starters, so-so hitting but good on base averages.  Can they hang come August?

The Sox and Rays are struggling as their slugging can't overcome weak bullpens.  Sox starters have yet to gel and the hangover from the end of last year looks to be still hurting the chemistry.  Dusty tells Bobby V that's not the way we do things around here... airing barbs with the media.  Bobby V knows no other way or he's looking to rally teamates around Youk.  Not working so far.

The Yanks starters have been shakey - CC still rounding into form and Kuroda looking great one start, corroding in another.  Nova shines, Hughes can't challenge hitters inside.  Garcia?  bet the over.

But it's the bullpen that shines, giving the Yanks confidence that as long as they slug they can overcome those early runs by sloppy starters.

The little lyric bandbox that is Fenway turned 100 - Fans cheered a tipsy Kevin Millar and the 212 Sox players, but the 25 Yankees in old style uniforms put 5 solo homers into the seats and held the Red Sox to 2 runs to cool an otherwise sunny party.  Sox fans are hoping the pen improves after sending Melancon down to Pawtuket but it's the starters 2 through 5 that may be a bigger worry.

Spring is here, let's play two.   

AL East:     Era Starter-Pen,   OPS

NY Yankees (8-6)  5.40 - 1.71,  835
Baltimore     (8-6)  4.30 - 2.44,  760
Toronto         (7-6)  3.92 - 4.57,  701
Tampa Bay   (7-7)  4.02 - 8.49,  762
Boston         (4-9)  6.09 - 6.13,  762

Posted on: September 26, 2011 1:19 pm

Wrinkled Sox, Ray of hope

Week 25:   Wilted Sox, Ray of hope

Sox get X'd by O's, NY.  Yanks help by taking Rays.

New York Yankees  (91-59) --> (96-61)   wk 5-2  + sunday,  97-62
Boston Red Sox      (87-64) --> (88-69)   wk 1-5                     89-70
Tampa Bay Rays     (84-67) --> (87-71)   wk 3-4                     88-71  one back
Toronto Blue Jays    (76-75) --> (80-78)   wk 4-3
Baltimore Orioles    (62-88) --> (67-91)   wk 5-3

How has Sept. been?

               W     L
Yanks    16     9  +7
Rays      14   10  +4
Sox          6    18  -12

Boston holds a slim one game WC lead with 3 to play vs. the Orioles (who beat them 3 of 4 last week), while the Rays play the already clinched Yanks resting and prepping for Friday.


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Posted on: May 23, 2011 8:44 am

Everyone can be in 1st... the world doesn't end

AL East, Week 7:

Everyone can be in 1st...  and the world doesn't end.

The Rays stabbed by Marlins, make room in 1st for all.  Red Sox roll as A-Gon pounds and Albers grooves.  Yankees use all avenues.  Jays stay close and Orioles nearby.

New York Yankees  (20-17) --> (25-20) wk 4-3 +1 sunday  Small ball or large, it's all good.
Tampa Bay Rays     (23-16) --> (26-21) wk 2-5 +1 sunday  Split w/ Tor, NY, Slide vs. Marlins
Boston Red Sox      (19-20) --> (25-21) wk 5-1 +1 sunday  Beat Det, Cubs.  Rolls but BP still an adventure
Toronto Blue Jays    (19-20) --> (23-23) wk 4-2 -1 sunday  Houston?  Still hangs close
Baltimore Orioles    (18-20) --> (21-24) wk 2-4 +1 sunday  Swats Nats, needs to Buck up

Rumor has it Bartolo Colon survived his visit to the Island of Dr.Moreau.  It is better to play good than to look good?  Scoring runs - On base .335, Slugging .448, works on the west caost, too?

Rays pitching continues to shine as whip = 1.20 Philly-like.  Could add some slugging.

Red Sox slugging large last 7 days, Wakefield ageless wonder.  Hoping to fix clutch hitting as they lead league in LOB.  Trend or anomoly?

Jays, like Sox do it with bats.  Will pitching hold up?  Bautista machine well oiled.

Orioles arms need stem cell treatment.  Great clutch hitting but 7 day ERA = 5.76.

Posted on: May 3, 2011 11:21 am

Birds, Brains, Cities

Birds with brains that were large in relation to their body size were more likely to succeed in cities, researchers say.

May 3rd, 2011   -   NY Times   -      Link ---> BirdBrains

This looks to be good news for the Ravens and Falcons but less so for the Seahawks, Eagles and Arizona Cardinals.  It's unclear how the findings may apply to team fans (other than the Eagles) - bird brains though they may be.  Songbirds prefer rural settings so the Blue Jays, Orioles and St. Louis Cardinals are in trouble.  Pigeons are exempt as they are the rats of ornithology.

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