Posted on: July 6, 2011 8:25 am

Wk 13: Keep them doggies rollin'

Wk 13:

Taking care of business.  Bats? check. Arms? check.  And then there were 3.

New York Yankees  (44-31) --> (50-31)   wk 6-0
Boston Red Sox       (44-32) --> (48-34)   wk 4-2
Tampa Bay Rays      (43-34) --> (46-37)   wk 3-3
Toronto Blue Jays     (38-39) --> (40-44)   wk 2-5
Baltimore Orioles      (34-40) --> (35-45)   wk 1-5

Theme of the upcoming week is Arms.   Tuesday Lester's lat and Papelbon's unrelief scares Sox... shouldn't McDonald get the save, really?   Nice ole tag by Tek, sleight of hand.

Papelbon leading by 3:  a 2 run bomb + 2 base runners + a line single + an arm thankfully not attached to him = stealing a win he has no right to say he contributed to.  A Papelbon is a Cinnabun without the sweet parts.   Just empty carbs.

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