Posted on: November 14, 2011 1:21 pm

Lost Perspective - some examples

The judge who set Jerry Sandusky return home without paying any bail and without an ankle monitor after being arrested on 40 counts of child sexual assault charges was a volunteer at Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile.

Christopher Mallios, an attorney with AEquitas, part of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, said that having unsecured bail is extremely unusual for a defendent charged with a high number of serious crimes.

"The fact that it's unsecured at all, we are dealing with pretty serious crimes. If the allegations were just involving one victim, it would be unusual for a defendant to get unsecured bail. But with multiple possible victims and ongoing investigations and out of state investigations, I'm shocked," Mallios said.

One would think that his safety, if nothing else, would be a bail issue.


"Paterno has retained the services of J. Sedgwick Sollers, a high-powered criminal defense attorney from Washington D.C.  Sollers, NBC News notes, represented former president George H.W. Bush in the Iran-Contra affair back in the eighties."

Now lawyering up, Joe Pa isn't likely to answer any of the many troubling questions everyone is asking - even when some news might clear up the confusion.  I bet there won't be any credible witnesses available to put the scandal in any better context, if that's possible.

Notice that no one at Penn State in the past 9+ years has asked about that 10 year old boy or tried to locate him before the DA last week asked him to come forward.

  • Sandusky was recruiting high schoolers as recently as this year and last year.  So much for "retired".
  • Rumors suggest the sharing of kids with rich donors.  Can it get worse?

Oh.   And Herman Cain says look at the many women he *didn't* harass.  There's an argument worthy of posters here.  I heard Italy is looking to replace it's resigned president - someone who dresses and speaks well and can carry on the long precident of womanizing.  Herman Cain is ready!   And..... he knows something about pizza.

Rick Perry can't recall the name of the government department he wants to abolish.  The one that controls nuclear weapons.

Crux of this all?    2 words; Lost Perspective.  Penn State did, Pigskin over people.  Congress has, get elected over getting things done.  The Banks have, Politics has, TV has, CBS has, ......    but the usual posters on this board will find it.  Stay tuned.

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