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Posted on: September 12, 2011 9:03 am

Rays sweep, Yanks snoozed, Sox neatly folded

AL East, Week 23:       Rays sweep, Yanks snoozed, Sox neatly folded
New York Yankees  (84-53) --> (87-57)   wk 3-4
Boston Red Sox      (84-54) --> (85-60)   wk 1-6   3.5
Tampa Bay Rays     (75-63) --> (80-64)   wk 5-1    7   (3.5 back of WC)
Toronto Blue Jays    (69-70) --> (73-73)   wk 4-3   15
Baltimore Orioles     (55-82) --> (58-86)   wk 3-4   30

Bleached, Oxycleaned, folded with care, Lester is less, 16 to play?  Rays coming back for 4 in Fenway.  Youk's back isn't back, Bullpen messy, ...  oh snap.

Pitching futures drop like the market.  Fans talk Steelers, What weekend?  Turning to the Pats, forgetting the peanuts and crackerjacks.

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