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Forget who's wrong - the Winners & Losers:

Forget who's to blame.  Who will be the real winners and losers?  Here's one author's list (read why in the whole article via the link below) and I've added some of my ideas.  I know you have yours - add 'em!

The Real Winners and Losers of the NFL Lockout
      Monte Burke    March 18, 2011         Link -> WinLose

You know those parents who throw birthday parties during NFL games, right? They'll be winners!  There’s a pretty good chance that there will be no 2011 NFL season. If the unthinkable really happens, there will be some big winners and some big losers.

The Winners:

1)      College football, the Canadian Football League and the United Football League
2)      Other American pro sports leagues
3)      Jim Nantz.  He needs a break
4)      Peter King.  Him, too.
5)      Those parents who schedule birthday parties for their children on Sundays in the fall at 1:30 PM eastern time
6)      Brains: That is, the beleaguered brains of the players.
7)      Tattoo parlors.  Idle hands...
8)      Some athletic trainer you’ve never heard of before who will suddenly become a media star
9)      The Movie Industry: Sunday matinée, anyone?

The Losers:

1)      Bars that carry the NFL’s Sunday Ticket
2)      Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee’s
3)      NFL fans and fantasy football players: Duh.
4)      Beer companies
5)      Reebok
6)      Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith
7)      Showtime
8)      The NFL Network
9)      Bookies

More losers:

- Commentators, lame pregame shows, graphics designers and makeup artists
- Sports agents who's only contribution is to drive up the costs to fans
- Ex-jock knuckleheads who think what they say matters
- CBS daily story authors who have to write something and think what they say matters
- Airlines, taxis, hotels, mini bars and desperate female groupies
- Makers of athletic tape, Gatorade, foot fungus meds and body paint
- Wives and family of cranky die hard fans
- Wives and family of cranky die hard players
- Parking ripoff artists who hawk "closer" spots that aren't even theirs
- Kingsford charcoal brickets, makers of bratwurst and anything with lots of cholesterol
- Golf courses, after the stampede

I'm sure there are many more - fire away

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